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My company is called RedSandStrategy.  Red oceans are all the industries in existence today – the known market space. Products are sold as commodities, leading to cutthroat or ‘bloody’ competition. Hence the term red oceans.

Few companies compete as well as they could, relying on technical push to generate sales.  RedSandStrategy gets your feet on dry land and competition ready by helping good technical teams become great businesses.  RSS achieves this by applying Value Consulting to your business improving your ability to:

  1. Target Value by identifying your most valuable customers
  2. Capture Value by selling to the value your customers need
  3. Deliver Value by improving your operations

This work relies on three principles:

  1. The applications of Science to sales to confidently deliver results
  2. An obsession with your customer, transitioning your sales from “buy what we have” to “tell us what you need”
  3. Valuing change to ensure you allocate your resources to your best options and sustain focus for confident delivery
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