Our Methodology


Value Targeting

We locate the clients that most value your services – and are most valuable to you


Value Creation

We improve your value proposition from ‘buy our technology’ to ‘this is how we make clients money’


Value Delivery

We help you manage sales success, so what you deliver is more profitable for you – and your clients

Why Buy from us?


We have an established methodology that delivers great results quickly


We work with you to deliver sustainable results avoiding powerpoints and consulting reports


Experience of working in top-tier operators and service companies gives you a unique sales perspective


Backgrounds in science and business translate your technology’s possibility into a business solution


Unique focus on creating revenue through customer understanding and delivering profit by beating your competition


Why is it always about me?

It is all about me because … In 2019 I identified that product companies miss their revenue targets because they focus on their product.  Not their customers.  That this basic error persisted [...]

Avoiding CEO revenue rage

You have probably seen it happen a few times.  Revenue drops.  Your CEO is surprised.  The offending region, major account and/or business line benefits from a CEO ‘coaching opportunity’ about [...]

Site Status

Hi, we have updated the RedSandStrategy web pages to a new format and provider.  It will take 2 weeks before we have filled out the different sections (end of September 2018).  In the meanwhile, [...]

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